Redefining Innovation


Our Company

Founded in 2010, Surgionix was formed to develop a new innovative ground breaking technology which challenges century old surgical techniques. The SLICK Drill Bit System.

In its short life span, Surgionix has managed to bring the SLICK Drill Bit to market along with investing boldly in the research and development of several additional innovative products.

Treading its own path, Surgionix has gained the experience and contacts necessary to excel in this niche research, development and manufacturing industry.

Surgionix has created a culture of synergy, allowing staff to work collaboratively to find insights and ideas that connects with our customers and drive the development of pioneering products.

With our passion and commitment to on-going research and development, Surgionix has several revolutionary pipeline products under different development phases.

We at Surgionix believe innovation cannot be limited to company boundaries. Real innovation comes from health professionals actively dealing with patients. For us, open innovation forms the fundamental of our company’s sustained growth.